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Disk resizing

In CentOS 7, cloud-init will resize the system disk automatically so no additional work is required.

Using tuned

The Red Hat tool tuned provides some good default performance tuning and configuration options. See Performance Tuning for more details.

Lxplus-like environment

For Puppet managed machines, the 'bagplus' module is recommended to configure an environment that is very similar to the setup of an lxplus node.

For non-Puppet managed machines, copying the repository definitions from an lxplus node and running

# yum groupinstall "Development Tools" -y
# yum install -y gsl-devel* afs_tools* cvmfs cvmfs-config-default cvmfs-auto-setup texlive-* aspell aspell-en ca-* boost* screen xrootd-* openssl098e zsh

will bring you already close to an lxplus-like node, running 'rpm -qa' on an lxplus node and installing the resulting package list on top of a 'CC7 Extra' image may bring you even closer.

Graphical interface

The provided CC7 images will give you a Virtual Machine with a text console. If you require a graphical interface, please apply the following steps on your VM as root:

# yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop" -y      # Install the graphical interface
# systemctl set-default   # Make this the default systemd target

and reboot the VM to start up X-Windows.

Last update: July 2, 2020