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File Shares

This service offers a network accessible filesystem, mountable from several clients at once, for supported Linux operating systems.

File Shares are suitable for infrastructure applications needing shared access to internal data.

This service is backed by CephFS and managed via OpenStack Manila.

CephFS Performance

Some performance tips:

  • CephFS performance is network bound in the best case but highly workload dependent.
  • The kernel client performs better than ceph-fuse, but the latter is a more mature implementation and therefore less likely to have unknown issues.
  • On parallelism: Try not to frequently access the same file from several nodes; this will invoke a cache synchronization and performance will suffer.
  • On metadata IOPS: File creations, deletions and other metadata operations are handled by a small number of metadata servers. For best performance, try to use fewer, larger files whenever possible.
  • Unlike Cinder volumes, there are no IOPS throttles or QoS guarantees: actual performance may fluctuate with the current cluster load.

Getting access

Access to the File Share service requires an explicit quota request for shared projects. Please use the "Request quota change" button on the OpenStack website to request resources. Note that File Shares will not be made available for Personal projects.

Privacy Policy

File Shares are backed by Ceph, whose Privacy Policy is available here.

Last update: January 27, 2022