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Keypair options

Keypairs provide the method to authenticate when logging into a Linux VM. There are several options for how to create them.

Using your lxplus SSH key

As described in the tutorial, you can use your lxplus SSH key as your keypair. This will allow you to ssh directly into the host using ssh *adminuser*@my-vm-name (where adminuser is the administrative user of the VM such as root).

Using a new keypair

A new keypair can also be created for use, such as with a dedicated service account or daemon.

$ openstack keypair create robotkey > ~/.ssh/robotkey
$ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/robotkey

The private key is saved to ~/.ssh/robotkey and can then be used for VM creation (using the --key-pair argument on the command line) and for ssh using

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/robotkey *adminuser*@my-vm-name

Last update: July 3, 2019