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The following set of articles, blogs and videos have been published to describe the CERN Cloud project and its related monitoring and configuration management activities.

It is organised into two sections

  • Summary for main interest
  • Set of sub-topics including historical papers

The documentation for OpenStack itself can be found at Detailed guides are described in Getting Help


Description Link Date
OpenStack In Production description of hints and tips of the CERN cloud Blog 2012 onwards
CERN OpenStack Tutorial Slides, Video 2012
CERN OpenStack Introduction Slides 2014
CERN Technical Deep Dive Slides Video 2013


Description Link Date
Experiment commisioning of Agile Infrastructure (CHEP) Paper 2013
The Agile Infrastructure project Paper 2012


These documents describe the OpenStack Federated Clouds activities including work by CERN Openlab in collaboration with Rackspace.

Description Link Date
Federation - Are we there yet ? Video Slides 2014 Paris Summit
Federation in OpenStack technical presentation Slides 2014 Atlanta
Enabling the Federation Extension Documentation 2014
Toward Hybrid Clouds Slides 2013 Hong Kong (original proposal)


Description Link Date
Quota manager proposal Paper 2013

Ceph Storage

Description Link Date
Ceph at CERN Slides 2014