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RedHat Enterprise Linux

Graphical interface

The provided image will give you a Virtual Machine with a text console. If you require a graphical interface, please apply the following steps on your VM as root:

# dnf groupinstall "Workstation" -y        # Install the graphical interface
# systemctl set-default   # Make this the default systemd target

and reboot the VM to start up X-Windows.

X Windows System / X11 Connections

If you need to allow X11 connections for your instance, install as root

dnf install xorg-x11-xauth

Access with user credentials

RHEL images will not configure automatically the owner/responsible in the Network Database for Kerberos-based root authentication, only the key-based authentication is available by default.

If you wan to configure your instance with Kerberos, please follow the documentation from the Linux team on how to configure this upon instance creation or once the virtual machine is running.