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Requesting quota changes for your shared project

If you would like to request quota changes for your shared project, please access to and change your selected project to your shared project. Now, in the Overview page, you will see a new button named "Request quota change":

Request quota change

If you click on "Request quota change" button, you will access to Request quota change web form:

Request quota change form

Now, you may modify the values for each kind of quota. Please note that this web form has field validation, so if the input values are not correct, the "Submit" button will be disabled until you correct them.

Request quota change form increase

The "Cancel" button will cancel and close the request web form.

The "Back" button will move to the previous kind of resource quota. The "Next" button will move to the next kind of resource quota.

When you click on "Update Project" button, your request will arrive to Cloud Team (as Service Desk ticket) to be attended.

Note: quota changes can only be requested for shared projects. No quota changes can be applied on personal projects. Note: quota changes will be reflected in the dashboard after the request has been approved and implemented.

Last update: January 6, 2021