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Puppet-managed instances

Puppet-managed physical instance

Create an instance

In order to create a puppet-managed physical instance you can follow the same steps as for creating a new Puppet-managed virtual node, i.e.

[aiadm]$ ai-bs \
            --foreman-hostgroup playground/makowals \
            --cc7 \
            --nova-flavor p1.abc123 \
            --landb-mainuser "your service e-group"
            --landb-responsible "your service e-group"

As the instance is managed by Puppet, it will take care of configuring access to the instance according to the manifest provided. --nova-sshkey can be used in addition to establish a second access path.

Note: You can set defaults for the responsible and main user in LanDB, see here. This way you do not need to specify them on the command line. You can also change them via instance metadata.

Note: The use of the cern-waitdns property is not supported when creating physical instances.

As soon as your instance is in ACTIVE state, you can access it using the name you have provided in the previous step. Due to the network infrastructure limitations openstack server show my-physical-instance will not show an IP address associated with your machine, but you can check it in the LanDB portal.

Delete an instance

For deleting an instance you can follow the same steps as for deleting a Puppet-managed virtual node, i.e.

[aiadm]$ ai-kill my-physical-instance

This command will delete your instance from the physical node and erase its hard drives so the machine is ready to be used with a new instance in the future.

Last update: June 10, 2021