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Subscribe to the cloud service

All CERN accounts are already present on the CERN cloud service.

If you need resources for personal/private usage you can request a personal project by following this steps

  1. Go to the CERN resources web site
  2. Select List Services
  3. Select Cloud Infrastructure
  4. Click on 'Request Personal Project'

Upon completion of these steps, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you can now access your personal project. This could take around one hour.

Secondary/service accounts are already available on the service. If you want to give them access please add them directly as a member on a project you own or via an e-group

Note: to be able to create Virtual Machines in the Cloud Infrastructure service, the user needs the right to own devices in the CERN Networking Database (LanDB). This right is granted to most users, but certain restrictions apply. For example: temporary personnel and participants in experiments who do not have an office assigned cannot own Landb devices, and will therefore not be able to create Virtual Machines. The same applies when the user's contract has not started yet. Since the cloud service does not have direct access to the user's contractual situation, the user may successfully subscribe to the cloud service, but Virtual Machine creation will fail when attempting to update the aforementioned network databases. More detailed information on this can be found in the Admin E-guide for People registered as "External".

Please contact the CERN Service Desk if you experience authorization problems creating Virtual Machines.