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Share Types

Share types

Manila supports the notion of share types. Currently, we use this concept to determine to which backend a share create request is routed.

Share Type Name Critical Power Technology Purpose Puppet resource name Ceph end point Comments
Geneva CephFS Testing HDD Testing 'test' 'cephmond:6790' Usable for testing CephFS. Do not run production services here.
Meyrin CephFS HDD Production 'flax' 'cephflax'
Meyrin CephFS Vault SSD A ✅ SSD Production 'levinson' 'cephlevinson' ℹ The Vault reference in the name doesn't reflect the current location of this share type. The cluster was moved in Nov 2022 to critical power.
Meyrin CephFS B HDD Testing 'pam' 'cephpam' Usable for snapshotting functionality

In order to check to which share types you have access you can use:

[lxplus]$ openstack share type list