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Standard images

The CERN cloud includes a set of centrally maintained images for supported operating systems. These are regularly updated with the latest security patches and operating system updates. If there are issues booting these virtual machines, support tickets can be raised via the CERN Service Desk.

These images (both Windows and Linux) include cloud-init to perform contextualisation based on the user data specified when the VM are instantiated. Contextualisation allows the virtual machine to be configured further on the first boot such as to install additional packages or call a configuration management system such as Puppet. Further details can be found in the chapter on Contextualisation.

These images are public, and visible to all users. The following standard configurations are provided:

CERN CentOS images

These images are maintained by the Linux team, check here for more information.

Windows images

The Windows images also include cloud-init support for Windows.

Name Description
Windows 10 Professional Windows 10 Professional edition *
Windows 2012 Standard R2 Windows 2012 Standard Server R2
Windows 2016 Standard Windows 2016 Standard Server
Windows 2019 Standard Windows 2019 Standard Server

* The applications will be installed if the machine is centrally managed.

List of all centrally maintained images

In order to improve user experience only the most recent centrally maintained images are displayed in horizon or when listing them with the CLI. However, old images are still available and can be used. The list of images is available from the command

$ openstack image list --community