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Mount and use cvmfs repositories in your containers.

Cinder Volumes

Create a persistent Cinder volume and use it in your container.

Load Balancing

How to load balance your services running in containers inside your clusters.

Examples for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.


How to setup certificates for services running in containers.


Access a HDFS cluster inside a container.

Swarm GitLab Runner

Use a Docker Swarm cluster to run GitLab CI jobs.

Setup a kubernetes cluster, and launch a instance in it.

Kubernetes Scheduling Policies

Configure the kube-scheduler to change how pods should be distributed to nodes.

Node Groups

Node groups can be used to create heterogeneous clusters, with nodes of different flavors or in different availability zones.


How to authenticate with kubernetes clusters by using OIDC instead of x509 certificates.

Last update: January 14, 2021