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This documentation is deprecated, please check here for its new home

This page covers solutions for aggregated and centralized logging collection.

Docker Swarm

Not yet supported.


Logs are aggregated automatically at the cluster and can pushed to the CERN IT logging infrastructure (timber) if desired by passing a logging_producer label. See below for details on the labels available in the cluster template.

  • logging_producer: The 'producer' of the monitoring data, similar to what you usually provide when configuring CERN monitoring tools. You might already have one, but if not ask the CERN IT monitoring team
  • logging_include_internal: True if the internal cluster service logs (kube-system namespace) should also be collected centrally (default is False)

To create a cluster with a custom logging_producer, pass the value of the 'producer' you want to use.

As an example:

$ openstack coe cluster create <name> --cluster-template <cluster-template> \
    --merge-labels \
    --labels logging_producer=MYPRODUCER \
    --labels logging_installer=helm

Last update: June 1, 2022