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CentOS Stream 8

Graphical interface

The provided CentOS Stream 8 images will give you a Virtual Machine with a text console. If you require a graphical interface, please apply the following steps on your VM as root:

# dnf groupinstall "Workstation" -y        # Install the graphical interface
# systemctl set-default   # Make this the default systemd target

and reboot the VM to start up X-Windows.

X Windows System / X11 Connections

If you need to allow X11 connections for your instance, install as root

dnf install xorg-x11-xauth

Access with user credentials

While the CERN CentOS 7 images automatically configure the owner/responsible in the Network Database for Kerberos-based root authentication, this is not the case on the CentOS Stream 8 images. Here, only the key-based authentication is available by default. If you would like to access your CentOS Stream 8 instance with Kerberos, please follow the documentation from the Linux team on how to configure this upon instance creation or once the virtual machine is running.

Last update: July 22, 2022