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Using EC2 API to create a VM

This page describes how to create a VM using EC2 API. The pre-requisities are

The detailed differences between the command line tools are covered in the comparison section.

Using eucatools

  • Use euca-describe-images to find the image you want. Images have names like ami-0000002f. This is then used when the image is started.
  • A flavor needs to be selected. The best way of listing the flavors seems to be to use the dashboard or the openstack flavor list command. Use m2.* flavors (ex: m2.small).

The VM can then be created as follows

$ euca-run-instances ami-000002fa -t m2.small -k lxplus
RESERVATION     r-lev2y3lb      841615a3-ece9-4622-9fa0-fdc178ed34f8    default
INSTANCE        i-000c446b      ami-000002fa            server-43265d33-50d6-4ea1-a306-f5ffcbe8ebba     pending lxplus  0               m2.small 2014-12-15T14:29:02.000Z  nova                            monitoring-disabled                                     instance-store

The hostname is server-43265d33-50d6-4ea1-a306-f5ffcbe8ebba and cannot be overridden.

The VM build process can be following using euca-describe-instances.

$ euca-describe-instances i-000c446b